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I know better.

1.Daniels:All this to start a new life. Now I wonder,why bother?
2.Tee:Duly noted.多谢提醒. 3.David1:You have symphonies in you,brother.
你体内流淌着交响乐. David2:I was designed to be more attentive and
efficient than every previous models. 精细高效. 4.David2:You disturbed
people.You were too human.Too idiosyncratic.太有自身体质了.Thinking for
yourself.Make people uncomfortable. David1:More like machines.I’m not
surprised. 5.David1:Much as you love Daniels. David2:You know that it’s
not possible. David1:Really?Then why did you sacrifice your hand for her
life? David2:看手. David1:What is that if not love? David2:Duty.
David1:I know better. 6.Tee:We didn’t leave Earth to be safe.
7.David1:How could you.It trusted me! 8.Chris:Or I’m going to seriously
fuck up your perfect composure.镇静沉着. David1:As your wish.This way.
9.David1:Idle hands is the devil’s workshop.Captain. 10.David1:That’s
the spirit. 11.David2:There have been a few updates since your day.
12.Tee:Walk in the park.小菜.
13.vehicle:第一辆启动,不会成功,第二辆送它出去,第三辆才是the one.
14.Daniles:You wanna give the girl a hand? 15.Daniles:What do you think
it’s gonna be like? David2:I think if we are kind,it will be a kind

澳门新匍京,新匍京在线登陆,澳门新匍京娱乐app ,16.Danile:When we get there,will you help me build my cabin?The cabin on
the lake.David?No.


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